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When you deserve the best…why settle for less, choose the international brand Desjoyaux for a safe


Technological Leader

Twin patents for an exclusive dual concept that has conquered the world

An Ecological Leader

Every New Product with the whole manufacturing process, is designed with the environment in mind

– The first pool structure 100% recycled-Desjoyaux Casing Panels

– Economy and Ecology-Desjoyaux pipe less filtration system

An Industrial Leader

The strength provided by a well known and recognised brand, renowned for its credibility and

commercial efficiency

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Our specialization

Desjoyaux an Exclusive concept like no other

Desjoyaux’s invention

The concrete casing Technology and pipe less filtration system, two exclusive innovations that have

revolutionized the swimming pools

A compact Filtration that incorporates:

– The Pump

– The filter media

– The skimmer

– The piping

– The inlets and outlets

– Light

 Desjoyaux combines the best of both heavy and light structures



Unlimited sizes

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited shapes

Serious guarantee


Fast installation

Cost effective

A High quality Pool that’s easy and quick to build

A High quality Pool that’s easy and quick to build

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